Dr. Artan Jahollari

Dr. Artan Jahollari

MD – Cardiovascular Surgeon


1999-2005 Medicine Faculty, Gulhane Military Medicine Academy GATA, Ankara/Turkey

2005-2011 Residency in Cardiovascular Surgery Department, Gulhane Military Hospital GATA, Ankara/Turkey

Working experience

September 2011- April 2013 – Cardiovascular Surgeon, International Medicine Hospital, Pristina/Kosova

May 2013- July 2017 – Cardiovascular Surgeon, Medical Park Hospital, Samsun/Turkey

Fields of interest

Adult Cardiac Surgery, Endovascular Procedures, Peripheral Artery Surgery, Vein Surgery


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Other publications:

1.Yildirim V, Doganci S, Jahollari A, Kose EA, Demirkilic U, Cosar A. A Comparison of Dexmedetomidine Versus Midazolam for Sedation and Hemodynamic Control During Femoral Embolectomy Performed Under Local Anesthesia. Damar Cer Derg 2008;17(3):116-23.

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7.Sahin MA, Guler A, Jahollari A, Yokusoglu M, Demirkilic U, Tatar H. Stevens-Johnson syndrome after aortocoronary bypass surgery. Turk J Thor Cardiovasc Surg 2012;20(2):355-357.

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Congresses and courses attended:

•Integration of People Experience of Trauma after Terrorist Attacks into Modern Society, workshop, 27-28 April 2006, Ankara/Turkey

•Symposium on Antithrombotic Approaches in Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery, 01 December 2006, Ankara/Turkey

•3rd Annual Congress of Update in Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery, International Society for Minimally Invasive Cardiothoracic Surgery 2007 Winter Workshop, 28 November- 2 December 2007, Antalya/Turkey

•10th National Congress of Turkish Society of Cardiovascular Surgery, 17-21 October 2008, Cesme/Turkey

•XIV National Vascular Surgery Congress, 15-19 May 2009, Bodrum/Turkey

•EVAR advanced, 5-6 October 2015, St.Franziskus Munster/Germany

•14th Congress of Turkish Society of Cardiovascular Surgery, 3-6 November 2016, Antalya/Turkey

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