Dr. Shk. Iris Allajbeu (Polovina)

Dr. Shk. Iris Allajbeu (Polovina)

Dr. Shk. Iris Allajbeu
Doktore Shkencash
Shefe e Departamentit të Imazherisë së Avancuar


  • 1994-1998 “Mehmet Akif” Turkish college, TIRANA
  • 1998-2004 Faculty of Medicine, Ankara University, Turkey
  • 2004-2008 Radiology Residency, Faculty of Medicine, Ankara University, Turkey
  • 2011-2015 PhD in Radiology , near the Imaging Department of University Hospital Center Mother Teresa with theme


  • 2004-2008 Radiology Resident in the hospital center of medical faculty of Ankara University- Turkey
  • 2006-2007 Part time radiology assistant in PRIMER diagnostic center Ankara – TURKEY
  • 2008 … Radiology specialist, Division chief, Department of Radiology, American Hospital of Tirana
  • 2013-2014 Lecturer at the Albanian Medical University, Division of Radiology,

Organizatore dhe lektore ne shume aktivitete shkencore kombetare dhe nderkombetare.

Autore dhe bashkeautore e nje sere publikimesh ne revistat shkencore mjekesore kombetare dhe nderkombetare.

Disa nga publikimet:

“Gerbode defect following endocarditis and misinterpreted as severe pulmonary arterial hypertension” Nereida Xhabija1*, Edvin Prifti1, Iris Allajbeu2 and Fatmir Sula1 published in : “Cardiovascular Ultrasound”, vol.7, Issue 2, Pages e34–e36

“Diagnostic value of aortic sclerocalcifications for discriminating a high risk group with coronary arteries disease.” Bulletin of medical sciences 2011, vol.42

“New perfusion configuration in patient undergoing single stage ascending aortic and valve replacement and extranatomicasc. todesc. Aortic bypass due to aortic coarctation”– Bulletin of medical sciences no.3 vol.43, 2012

“Cardiac CT angiography, applications, indications and our experience in diagnosing subclinic atherosclerosis” Iris Allajbeu, Bekim Jata , Indrit Temali, Krenar Preza, Bulletin of medical sciences, 2012, vol.43

“The Role of CT Angiography of Coronaries in Early Diagnosis of Coronary Artery Plaques in Albanian People with No History of Cardiovascular Disease in Correlation with Traditional Risk Factors” Iris Allajbeu, Edjon Hajro, Indrit temali, Bledi Cekrezi, Krenar Preza published in MATER SOCIOMED. 2014 Jun; 26(3): 153-224 , pISSN 1512-7680; eISSN 1986-597X

“The prevalence of coronary artery plaques detected by CT angiography in Albanians with no history of cardiovascular disease in correlation with Ca score” Allajbeu I, Allajbeu K, Nona A, Shahini A, Muja H, Preza K. AMJ-Albanian Medical Journal, nr.3-2014.

“The role of CT angiography of coronaries in early diagnosis of coronary artery disease in correlation with traditional risk factors in Albanians”, I.Allajbeu, A.Nona ,E.Hajro. accepted for publication by WJCD-World Journal of Cardiovascular Disease; actually in process .

Fushat e Interesit:

CT, MRI , Cardiac imaging , Musculoskeletal imaging

Breast imaging and invasive radiologic applications

Anetare e nje sere shoqatash radiologjike nderkombetare si:

ESR (European Society of Radiology)
EUSOBI(European Society of Breast imaging)
ESSR(European Society of Musculosceletal Radiology)
ESCR(European Society of Cardiac Radiology)
RSNA(Radiologic Society of North America)
AAF (American Austrian Foundation)– Open Medical Institute
ESMRB(European Society of MR in Medicine and Biology)
ASR (Albanian Society of Radiology)

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