Dr. Silvana Mishtaku

Dr. Silvana Mishtaku

Eksperienca ne Pune

2008 – 2012- Clinic Gastrohepatology , Digestive Endoscopy, Assistant, Working as a assistant at the Clinic Gastrohepatology , Digestive Endoscopy. Responsible for the daily management issues of the clinic.

2009-2010 – Volunteer Doctor in Regional Directorate of Vlora’s Medical Centre Primary Care Doctor

01/10/2009-01/10/2010 – IKEDA Diagnostic and Medical Centre Primary Care Doctor

01/11/2012- and following Medical Dermo-Aesthetics Clinic Vivia Dermatologist


2003 – 2009 – Tirana University, Faculty of Medicine

2011-2014 – Specialisation in Dermatology- Venereology

26/10/2006-27/10/2006 – Certificate of attendance in Medical-Surgical Conference

20/03/2010 – Certificate of attendance in Gastro-Enterology-Hepatology 11-th Albanian Congress

19/03/2011 – Certificate of attendance in Gastro-Enterology-Hepatology 12-th Albanian Congress

8/12/2012 – Certificate of attendance in Dermatology-Venereology 4-th Albanian Congress

5/07/2013 – Certificate of attendance in the Aestethic training of Acid hyaluronic in Albania

11/09/2013-13/09/2013 – Certificate of participation in the EADV Fostering Training Course: Sexually Transmitted Infections in Oxford, United Kingdom

20/10/2014-25/10/2014 – Training in Lasercenter Landau and Kandel, Germany

5/03/2015-8/03/2015 – Attendance at 12th Spring Symposium of the EADV and John Stratigos Scholarship, Valencia, Spain

19/05/2016-22/05/2016 – Attendance at the 13th Spring Symposium of the EADV, Athens, Greece

28/09/2016-2/10/2016 – Attendance at the 25th Congress of the EADV, Vienna, Austria

6/11/2016-12/11/2016 – Certificate of participation in Salzburg Weill Cornell Seminar, Salzburg, Austria

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